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What is full language immersion?

“Full immersion” is a way of teaching language by completely immersing the learner in that language for most of each day. The learner will hear only the target language for both regular conversation (i.e. talk about getting dressed and eating meals), as well as subject matter learning (i.e. math and science). A significant body of research shows that with language immersion, young children learn their second language the same way they learned their first – by listening, absorbing, imitating, and then trying it out. The more time a child spends hearing and using the second language, the more fluent she will become.  Full immersion is in contrast to “partial immersion”  programs where half the day is taught in English and students achieve a lower level of language proficiency. The International School teaches a full immersion program.


Mailing address & main campus:
025 SW Sherman Street
Portland, Oregon 97201-5120
phone: 503-226-2496; fax: 503-525-0142

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