Golden Horse Seafood

“If you go, ask what fresh vegetables are available and what fresh fish are available. they have a combination where they take a whole fish, make a soup, a main dish and a vegetable dish from the same fish. it is wonderful. I like the Hong Kong style noodles with the fresh vegetables and It is a fresh noodle that is fried and the then topped with a stir fry. Also, if the live shrimp are in the tank, they have several fresh shrip dishes that are the best in Portland. When i go for Chinese food, i want the real stuff and an atmosphere that matches.The food portions are huge, and delicious. The English is not the best, but when we walk in and see that we are the only white people in the restaurant it confirms that the food is great. And it is! The food is amazing and they are friendly when you get to know them.”

238 Northwest 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209-3806
(503) 228-1688

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