Best Taste Chinese BBQ Restaurant

If you blinked, you will miss this place. It’s tuck in between a Chinese grocery store and Chinese hair salon on SE Division and SE 83rd. I love their roasted duck. The duck is very yummy and it doesn’t taste old like “the other” roasted duck & They also serve dim sum. No ladies push… Read More

Authentic Thai Cuisine Portland

Hungry for some Thai food? Well don’t worry. Authentic Thai Cuisine got you covered. They offer house deliveries within 2 miles for only a $3 delivery surcharge. No more overpriced tips to some high school pizza boy. If you’d rather go in person, go right ahead. Serving authentic Thai food (well of course), they have… Read More

Ichidai Japanese Restaurant & Sushi-Portland

Ichidai Japanese Restaurant & Sushi has been serving authentic Japanese delicacy in Portland for at least 20 years now. Located in SE Powell in Portland, if you crave some delicious Japanese cuisine, make sure to pay Ichidai a visit next time you’re out. “Ichidai Restaurant has been serving Japanese cuisin and sushi in Portland for… Read More

Best Buffet

They have been nothing, but good. I have been going here a while now with my boyfriend and while it is not the “best genuine chinese” food, it is pretty good and the staff have been nothing, but friendly. One example was I was getting a to-go order and my credit card was not working… Read More

New Wing Wa BBQ King Restaurant

Famous for its roasted duck and pork, New Wing Wa BBQ is located under our office in the two-story B Structure of Wing Ming Plaza. The restaurant is family-owned and their menu has many different selections ranging from healthy fish-fillet with Chinese greens to ordinary pork fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. One specialty… Read More

Good Taste Noodle House

Good Taste Noodle House offers up some fairly authentic Chinese noodles, wontons, soups, and roasted meat in an unassuming strip mall out on 82nd. Overall, the meat flavors and broths are about as complex and nuanced as the name of the joint, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing sometimes. What makes this place authentic… Read More


Fast service and good food. There are two locations of Jin Wah, the Beaverton one is bigger and serves dim sum which I highly recommend. The service there is good and the food came out fast and tasty. The one on Powell Blvd is the older restaurant and isn’t that great but I like to… Read More

Powell Seafood Restaurant

Most people would probably just drive by this restauant on Powell Blvd since it is very non-descript. The restauarant opened in either 1996 or 1997. We used to live near the restaurant and were regular customers – a couple times a month – through 1998 until we moved out of the area. We were usually… Read More

Shenzhen Seafood Restaurant

Shenzhen is the favorite place to eat for me who is Chinese, and I tag along whenever he is in town. They are expert in cooking vegetables, always just the proper degree of doneness can make a simple plate of greens an out of this world treat. Prices are very very reasonable. I have the… Read More


Though this restaurant is in an iffy stretch of 81st Avenue, and there was an empty 40 and a discarded thong in the parking lot, our doubts proved unfounded. The service was quick, attentive, and not overbearing; the server spoke American English, though he wrote the check in Chinese. The spring rolls were fat, crispy,… Read More