Jade Dragon

Review: “We love Jade Dragon! They have the BEST Chinese food anywhere in Portland. The owners are some of the best people that you could ever hope to meet. If you are looking for Fine Dining, look elsewhere. This is a family run restaurant, and very family friendly. They always ask how we are doing… Read More

Sushi Land

With many locations, Sushi Land is a growing Japanese restaurant business which is expanding ever so often. It has expanded to Oregon and Washington. Although each location has it’s unique layout of tables and chairs, they all share a common thing. This is a moving belt that people can just pick off the belt whichever piece… Read More

Republic Café

This wonderful restaurant lies in the heart of Chinatown. The service there is great, they always check on you to see if your meal was good or not. With excellent service comes excellent food. Everyone there speaks Chinese, which is helpful if you don’t speak much English. This restaurant is perfect for families or just friends… Read More

China Wind Restaurant

“I think I’ve prefaced enough of my reviews with the “gwailo” caveat, so we’ll skip that this time. This is my current favorite spot for 3 items:  steamed pork with salted fish, lamb clay pot, and steamed chicken. The lamb pots that I’ve had elsewhere never really impressed me.   This one is dripping with… Read More

Yummy Yummy Restaurant

Yummy Yummy is newer and brighter than most Chinese restaurants in Portland. The food tasted clean and fresh; Yes, we’re still in Portland. I recommend Yummy Yummy for those special occasions or when you’re eating on someone else’s budget. You really can’t beat that price anywhere & they make it in several different sauces and… Read More

Hung Far Low

Well, I love the name, but it may be a joke. I actually went there for “food”, not comedy. When i visit a new place, I like to check out the Chinatown. As I was on 82nd, I noticed this huge sign about 4 blocks away that said HUNG FAR LOW. i rubbed my eyes… Read More

Lum Yuen

It used to be that Lum Yuen would singlehandedly dominate Sunday afternoons in Portland’s Chinatown attracting the most Chinese customers of any venue.  Nowadays, its a near ghost town as much of the community has flocked to the next hot place.It seems that even their dinner time has suffered with really bland cooking, subpar service,… Read More

Chinese Delicacy

Wow! What a great find this was. I have driven past this hundreds of times only to overlook it for a flashier looking place up the road. I decided to try it about 6 months ago. Boy was I impressed. There food is top notch. I haven’t found Beef Chow Fun with better flavor anywhere… Read More

Great Wall Restaurant

Great Wall Seafood Restaurant of Portland, Oregon serves Hong Kong, Mandarin and Szechwan cuisines. We’re known for serving delicious lunches and dinners, as well as our outstanding catering menu. We invite you to join us for a delcious dinner with a variety of Chinese cuisines. Some of our menu items include: – Egg rolls •… Read More

Gold Garden Restaurant

This is the one restaurant where I can never get the name right (I only remember the Chinese name).  Is it called the Gold Coin?  Nope, that’s the name of the lounge that was attached to it.  For some reason I remember a large sign of a horse or perhaps unicorn next to it…perhaps it’s… Read More