Ling Garden

“I am not a major consumer of Chinese food, but when the craving hits, this is my spot. I’ve been going to Ling a few times a year for the past 15 years.  Free delivery in the neighborhood, $4.95 express lunch on weekdays, and tasty little spring rolls & wonton chips.  Mondays are my favorite, cashew… Read More

China Rim

“I love this place!! Staff is friendly and they remember your name as well as your favorites off the menu!! Food is always fresh and hot. Spicy chicken with tofu as well as the sesame beef are some of our many favorites. great prices , I don’t have a single complaint. you can go there… Read More

Wan Q

“I’ve dined at this restaurant for 27 years now, and I declare myself an expert regarding their food. Since the new owners have taken over, the food is mostly consistent. The flavor is excellent, the pricing reasonable, and the quality is always very good.I highly recommend.” M-F: 11am – 10pm, Sat: 12pm – 11pm, Sun:… Read More

Golden Horse Seafood

“If you go, ask what fresh vegetables are available and what fresh fish are available. they have a combination where they take a whole fish, make a soup, a main dish and a vegetable dish from the same fish. it is wonderful. I like the Hong Kong style noodles with the fresh vegetables and It… Read More

Lum Yuen

It used to be that Lum Yuen would singlehandedly dominate Sunday afternoons in Portland’s Chinatown attracting the most Chinese customers of any venue.  Nowadays, its a near ghost town as much of the community has flocked to the next hot place.It seems that even their dinner time has suffered with really bland cooking, subpar service,… Read More

Chen’s Dynasty Restaurant

I think this place makes the best Chinese food in the Portland Metro area and I will cheerfully drive 40 minutes to get it. I am a lifelong Chinese food addict and when I moved here from New York I was sorely disappointed by the Chinese food on offer (I love Portland, but it’s true.)…. Read More