Hai Du

This restaurant is a lovely little place in a perfect place; right off Sandy Blvd. A busy street to get lots of business. A nice lady runs the restaurant and is always there if you have any questions about anything there. Great Service & Cheap Dim Sum! “This place has been through many owners over the last 5 years and in my opinion as the place changes owner the food just gets better, especially the service!” “This place provides you with coupons whenever you place an

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order, you’ll get like $1-2 off on your next order and it doesn’t expire! They greet you with ALOT of enthusiasm and are very sincere with their friendliness. Their goal is to make sure you come back again and w/the coupons, you can’t help but to wanna try more on their menu!” 5846 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213 503-288-0629

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