China Wind Restaurant

“I think I’ve prefaced enough of my reviews with the “gwailo” caveat, so we’ll skip that this time. This is my current favorite spot for 3 items:  steamed pork with salted fish, lamb clay pot, and steamed chicken. The lamb pots that I’ve had elsewhere never really impressed me.   This one is dripping with a succulent sauce, and on top of that, the meat is very rich in flavor. The salted fish pork steaming dish thingy is lovely and very pungent.  It occurs to me that some people may not consider pungent a good thing with food.  I do.  Be forewarned. The steamed chicken is also much different from what I’ve had at other places.  Usually I get something that loosely translates to “white cut chicken”.  It’s always good, but I was told to try this places steamed chicken, and I’m glad I did.  Same idea, but much different texture to the skin, and strangely, much more flavor than I expected out of a steamed dish (rather than poached). All in all, they were very friendly and, as usual, amazed to see me eating all that very not-american chinese food.”

-A review from a very satisfied customer

8355 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 200-5999

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