Meianna Bakery

If you know where Fubonn is then you gotta stop by Meianna Bakery, a little shop that offers french style bakeries as well as Chinese varieties of goodies. They are the only bakery so far who packaged  each baked good in a plastic wrapping which gives a feel of elegance. Here you can find cakes ranging from coffee tiramisu cakes to typical chinese style cakes. If you don’t want to order a whole cake, you can buy by the piece. But if you want the best they have to offer, you better get there early because if they run out, you’ll have to wait the next day for more. It’s first come first serve so better come early.

Fubonn Shopping Center
2850 SE 82nd Avenue Suite #80
Portland, OR 97266
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland

(503) 788-7968

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