King’s Bakery

King’s Bakery is not too far from our location. It’s situated across the street from PCC Southeast Center. There you will find many good tasting pastries and a place for the

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Chinese elderly folks to play Chinese chess of some sort. It may seem like they don’t have many parking spaces available but their main parking lot is located in the back. They offer varieties of delicious pastries and not just sweet ones either. There are cakes, cupcakes, chasu bao, pork bun bao, custards, and other baked goods. They also offer wedding cakes and other cakes for events. Even if you just want a snack, you can buy a bao and they can heat it up for you if you wish. I have been here many times before and it is a really nice place with some pretty good food.

2346 SE 82nd Ave Portland, OR 97216 Neighborhood: Southeast Portland (503) 772-0955

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