Yummy Yummy Restaurant

Yummy Yummy is newer and brighter than most Chinese restaurants in Portland. The food tasted clean and fresh; Yes, we’re still in Portland. I recommend Yummy Yummy for those special occasions or when you’re eating on someone else’s budget. You really can’t beat that price anywhere & they make it in several different sauces and ways. The only catch is you have to eat it there, but its worth the price. The service is a “hit or miss” depending on who you get, which means you’ll get great service depending on who your wait person is. If you’re only there for the food than i would put up with it. I usually don’t get good service in Chinese restaurants anyways, but at least they’re fast. The best part about the meal is they give you free dessert, it comes in a small bowl usually in a ginger sugar broth with red, mung or green beans or some kind of yam/starch. It completes your meal and cleans your palate. Enjoy it. =)

2745 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266
(503) 517-9992

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