Ha & VL Sandwich

Ha & VL Sandwich really should be called Ha and VL Soup and Sandwich because although they do make traditional vietnamese style sandwichs their claim to fame is soup.  Their basic structure is to make a big vat of homemade soup each day of the week.  Monday is Shrimpcake Noodle Soup, Wednesday is Peppery Pork Ball Noodle soup and so on.   If you show up late you will hear “the soup is gone”. If you show up first thing in the morning you will find a group of Vietnamese men hanging out socializing and having breakfast-probably a good sign if you’re searching out the real thing.

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A pork/fish/chicken soup with yellow noodles in an incredible, somewhat-spicy broth. There was a lot going on in this soup: shrimp cake, shrimp chips, pork ribs, pork cake, pork, shrimp, noodles, cilantro, peanuts, dried shrimp, and a side plate of lettuce and shiso. Second, the chicken soup with rice noodle and shredded chicken.
The shrimp-melange soup broth was so complex, with a hint of that telltale SE-Asian fishiness (but not overbearing) and a spicy kick. It wasn’t your typical sodium-bomb broth that signifies most Viet soup in town. This was made with skilled hand and prepared using a delicate palate. The chicken broth has a nice, deep, nuanced flavor, well-balanced between the chicken and the spice. I only had a taste, but my similarly-food-obsessed compatriot who ordered it silently and quickly devoured his prize with mere grunts and nods of abject gastronomic bliss.

HA VL is really clean and well run by owners.  It has a bright cozy interior.  Just don’t be late.  The soup will be gone.

Wing Ming Market Center
2738 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266
Neighborhood: Southeast Portland

503) 772-0103

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