Gold Garden Restaurant

This is the one restaurant where I can never get the name right (I only remember the Chinese name).  Is it called the Gold Coin?  Nope, that’s the name of the lounge that was attached to it.  For some reason I remember a large sign of a horse or perhaps unicorn next to it…perhaps it’s called the Golden Unicorn?? No, it’s actually called Gold Garden and name confusion aside, it’s the same restaurant that was on 82nd and just recently moved to a brand new location on 122nd.

My friends and I usually went to the 82nd location occasionally for birthday parties or just when we had the jones for some good Chinese food.  So when we noticed the sign for the grand opening on the way home, we immediately decided to see if this new place was under the same owners or not.  Happily it seemed to be, at least all of the old servers were still there anyway.

I went to dinner with a large group of friends last night and we ordered plate after plate of hot and delicious food.  Although I really enjoyed everything we had, I think it would be information overload if I listed out all of the seven items we ordered.  However, the standouts included the crab and fish maw soup that was well seasoned and had more fish maw than I have ever remembered at any other place I’ve tried.  I also really enjoyed the jade tofu with enoki mushroom dish which was savory and delicious.  I have to admit that the only thing we tried that I wasn’t a big fan of was the salted-pepper squid which had too much batter and ended up looking like indistinguishable clumps of fried dough on the plate.

The place was pretty busy on a Saturday night, but the food arrived quickly and the servers cheerfully gave us plates and a knife for the birthday cupcakes we had brought along.  Also, the decor is a huge step up from the 82nd location which is appreciated!  We don’t remember if the original location ever served dim sum because we never had it there, but we will definitely be back to try it out especially since it’s now closer to home.

1818 SE 122nd Ave
Portland, OR 97233

(503) 777-3399

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