Chinese Delicacy

Wow! What a great find this was. I have driven past this hundreds of times only to overlook it for a flashier looking place up the road. I decided to try it about 6 months ago. Boy was I impressed.

There food is top notch. I haven’t found Beef Chow Fun with better flavor anywhere else. I love this dish and it’s kind of hard to find, in my experience. Service was very fast and they cooked it fast as well. The prices here are very good too. My whole family enjoys it and it is also open pretty late. I know this is now a regular stop for us since we can get fantastic food for a great price.

Another positive note is that this restaurant doesn’t reek of cigarette smoke, unlike many Chinese lounge-type restaurants. I find that to be just gross and unless the food is over the top, I won’t bother going back to a restaurant if it has “smoke issues”.

Anyway, try this quaint little place off 82nd. It’s definitely worth it.

(503) 775-2598

6411 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266

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