Chang Fa Market

Comparing to most Asian markets in the area, Chang Fa Market is considered fairly new to the neighborhood although it has opened for almost two years. The market is located right next to Tinseng so if items are running low at that location, it’s convenient to have Chang Fa as a backup or the other way around…. Read More

An Dong Supermarket

An Dong is a typical Chinese and Vietnamese grocery market. It’s operated by a Chinese and Vietnamese speaking family. The store plays classic Chinese songs creating an atmosphere that’s very oriental to their customers. Located on Powell Blvd, the store can be easily access by public transportation, walking, biking, or driving. The stop for bus… Read More

Tin Seng Market

One of the few Chinese supermarket within our area is Tin Seng, a small grocery market run by a Chinese family. Although it’s not very big, they do tend to carry a lot of necessary items for this developing area of Southeast Portland. Prices are good comparing to other markets. There you can find a… Read More

Gary’s Bakery

Gary’s Bakery is located within walking distance from our office. The shop makes great swirly sponge cake available in loaves or slices. They have some fine dining tables that you could sit down and enjoy your pastries with your family and friends. There are many Chinese bakeries throughout Portland, Gary’s Bakery & Bistro one of… Read More

Meianna Bakery

If you know where Fubonn is then you gotta stop by Meianna Bakery, a little shop that offers french style bakeries as well as Chinese varieties of goodies. They are the only bakery so far who packaged  each baked good in a plastic wrapping which gives a feel of elegance. Here you can find cakes… Read More

King’s Bakery

King’s Bakery is not too far from our location. It’s situated across the street from PCC Southeast Center. There you will find many good tasting pastries and a place for the Chinese elderly folks to play Chinese chess of some sort. It may seem like they don’t have many parking spaces available but their main… Read More

Mei Sum Bakery

One of the popular bakeries in the 82nd/Powell/Division area aka New Chinatown, Mei Sum has served the Southeast community for a few quick years. They offered a variety of typical pastries like sponge cake, bbq bow, egg custard, moon cake, and much more. The shop is located in one of the unit in the Powell Station… Read More

New Wing Wa BBQ King Restaurant

Famous for its roasted duck and pork, New Wing Wa BBQ is located under our office in the two-story B Structure of Wing Ming Plaza. The restaurant is family-owned and their menu has many different selections ranging from healthy fish-fillet with Chinese greens to ordinary pork fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. One specialty… Read More

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