An Xuyen Bakery

A Vietnamese and Chinese bakery located on Foster road. Makes cakes, bread, sandwiches and more! Check it out! Wonderful Sandwiches from this hole in the wall bakery. As others have said; the Bread is the difference maker here. Crunchy and firm on the outside, but inside is somewhere you could hibernate for the winter. Can bread be cozy? I have to say yes. How lovely it must have been for that tasty grilled Pork and Chicken to be nestled inside there. But they were not alone, lest we forget the Lemongrass marinade and the Jalapeno slices, Cilantro, Cucumber, Carrots and those slivers of Radish. What a great lunch we had. The icing on the cake of course is what we paid for each of these little gems. Can you say….. $2.99?!?! Thats right kids, three frickin dollars. How can you beat that? Easy, by picking up a couple of their Guava cookies on the way out. They will make you cackle like a kook. Grade: A ( If only you

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were closer to home. Still, I know where Ill be headed to buy bread the next time Im making a meatball sub) -Drexler M. Love it! Delish sandwiches and good coffee. Super reasonable prices and good service. Also, they give my 1 year old a free cookie everytime we go in. Nice job Foster, keepin’ it real. -Xochill S. 5345 Southeast Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206-2937 (503) 788-0866

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